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Identity Verification Solutions For E commerce & Retail
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Safeguard Business Transactions

Integrate best-in-class identity verification solutions into your systems, secure your business transactions effectively. Authenticate customers by verifying their identities in seconds. Check if the identity documents submitted by them are genuine and not forged or stolen. Fight fraud and deter heavy chargebacks/penalties across the board.

  • Online identity verification
  • Minimal order processing time
  • Detect suspicious activities
  • Improve customer satisfaction
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Optimize Customer Onboarding Process

Facilitate potential customers with a seamless onboarding process, enhance the user experience. Quickly detect if the client is legitimate or poses risk to the business. Ensure only genuine customers get onboarded to your e-commerce platform. Simplify your conversion funnel, get more account openings and dramatically minimize abandonments.

  • Biometric verification, Liveness detection
  • Boost revenues
  • 99% match rates
  • No false positives

AML and KYC Compliance

Verify customer identities and know your customers are who they say they are. Replace manual KYC process, traditional ID verification methods with automated KYC solutions. Remain regulatory compliant, ensure customer due diligence and prevent hefty fines. Safeguard your company against money laundering, terrorism financing, and criminal infiltration.

  • Video-based KYC verification (eKYC)
  • Watchlist screening
  • Fraud prevention
  • Global Coverage
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Mitigate Risks, Minimize Card Fraud

Verify identities in real-time and reduce the risks of payment fraud. Protect customer details and mark a cut on account takeovers by utilizing secure ID verification solutions. Prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of instant processes in e-commerce platforms. Stop them from leveraging stolen identities to access your services and committing impersonation fraud.

  • Protect customers’ data (payment details or personal information saved)
  • Block fraudulent purchases
  • Avoid retail chargebacks, reputational damage
  • Effective risk management system

How Can We Help

identity verification
Identity Verification

Determine the authenticity of the customer by verifying identity documents, biometric verification across the globe.

kyc aml compliance
KYC/AML Compliance

Comply with regulatory obligations and screen the customers for terrorism financing or money laundering.

know your business
KYB – Know Your Business

Perform business verification, ensure due diligence by obtaining official company database using APIs.

age verification
Age Verification

Verify customers’ ages with streamlined onboarding. Identify red flags, beat fraudsters at ease.

watchlists screening
Sanctions Lists/Watchlists Screening

Know if the potential customer/player belongs to the sanctions lists. Keep PEPs out, prevent fraud.

address verification
Address Verification

Verify the validity of the address of your customer. Check if the format, identity data, location, etc. is reliable.