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Identity Verification Solutions For Healthcare
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Know Your Patients, Protect Their Data

Verify your patients with AI-integrated identity verification solutions. Know if the patient accessing healthcare services or insurance coverage is genuine. With digital ID verification, impart effective medical services and prevent healthcare identity fraud, high collection costs. Validate patients’ demographic data to determine the accuracy of the details entered by them. Comply with regulatory standards including HITECH, CLIA, and HIPAA, and prevent hefty financial penalties. Build online trust and make patients believe that their data is secured.

  • Scan government-issued ID document
  • Take a selfie to pass biometric authentication
  • Verification experts match stored database
  • Assured results
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Mitigate Risks of Insurance Fraud

Integrate fraud prevention and identity verification services to keep bad actors out. Safeguard your institutions from medical identity fraud and protect customers against data breaches. Prevent fraudsters from accessing health care services with forged documents or stolen identities. Perform liveness detection with our biometric verification solution to ensure that a patient asking for a prescription or opening an account is physically present.

  • Automated patient verification
  • Regularly updated data
  • Avoid duplicate medical reports
  • Robustly encrypted patient details

Simplify Sign-ups & Offer Enhanced User-experience

Instantly verify patient identity, leverage streamlined registration process. AI-backed identity verification services ensure smooth sign-up while onboarding a patient. When a patient logs in for the second time, regularly updated patient information and effectively managed database enables quick verification.

  • Quick data validation
  • No friction involved
  • Minimal sign-up time
  • ID verification in seconds
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