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Online Identity Verification Services

Bearing in mind that a customer applying for a loan or requesting other financial products/services could be a fraudster, online identity verification solutions seem to be of great importance. Considering it as a key security measure, we offer you a suite of automated identity verification services to help monitor risks and combat fraud. Our digital identity verification solution further contributes to rapid onboarding while KYC and AML compliance.

  • Establish the real identity of customers and deter fraud
  • Simplify KYC/AML Compliance
  • Get benefits of the frictionless onboarding process
  • Attain assured verification results in seconds
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ID Document Verification Solution

In the digital transformation era, fraudsters have always been a step ahead of cyber security teams. The cases of forged identity documents, stolen identities, and expired IDs have become a common cause of threat to companies.

To address the issue of rising fraudulent activities, all you need is firm ID authentication. Our document verification services offer the most reliable solutions to verify ID documents online. We accept 2,100+ ID documents type, covering countries around the globe. Document checks are performed as:

  • Customers have to scan their ID documents (Driver’s license, passport, social security card)
  • Data gets accurately extracted using OCR technology
  • ID document is analyzed, verified leveraging AI and machine learning
  • If customers are legitimate, they’re cleared for the onboarding process

Biometric Face Recognition/Face Verification

In a customer-not-present situation, our biometric face recognition solution will allow you to verify customers effectively. After document verification is done, potential customers are asked to take, upload their selfie. Our verification experts match the user’s selfie with the ID document and revert back with results accordingly.

Out AI-powered face recognition technology enables to leverage the benefits of real-time ID verification. For accurate face matching, it also performs liveness detection to verify the person’s live presence. Integrate this face verification solution to your system and mitigate business risks seamlessly.

  • Verify identities in 3-5 seconds
  • Enhance user experience, boost conversions
  • Best match rates
  • 99% definitive results
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identity verification
Identity Verification

Determine the authenticity of the customer by verifying identity documents, biometric verification across the globe.

kyc aml compliance
KYC/AML Compliance

Comply with regulatory obligations and screen the customers for terrorism financing or money laundering.

know your business
KYB – Know Your Business

Perform business verification, ensure due diligence by obtaining official company database using APIs.

age verification
Age Verification

Verify customers’ ages with streamlined onboarding. Identify red flags, beat fraudsters at ease.

watchlists screening
Sanctions Lists/Watchlists Screening

Know if the potential customer/player belongs to the sanctions lists. Keep PEPs out, prevent fraud.

address verification
Address Verification

Verify the validity of the address of your customer. Check if the format, identity data, location, etc. is reliable.

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